The Master (2013)

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson


A Naval veteran arrives home from war unsettled and uncertain of his future – until he is tantalized by The Cause and its charismatic leader.

Filmed in 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. This was a great film be a part of. We were brought in to provide period correct picture and stunt bikes for two major scenes. Our first order of business was training our actor to ride different bikes. We had both leads on tank shift H-D’s as well as post war Brit bikes. The first bike that we needed was to be used in the dessert scene with Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) and Joaquin Phoenix. We needed a fairly old bike, one that would have been a beater in the post war time period. We settled on a 1936 Norton Model 50. This bike is the personal bike of Andy Holmes our restoration foreman at the shop. Because we needed to run the bike for hours in the desert sun, we set up a BSA M20 to visually match the Norton. Our prediction on the desert heat was correct. Temperatures reached 115 F on the shoot days. The camera cars and working trucks were all overheating, but the M20 ran strong. Our second bike was a ’47 Knuckle. The script called for this bike to do a big crash scene. Because of the value involved with the Knuckle, we built an Evo motored Knuckle replica. This bike was a spot on match to our hero bike. We added a few extras to make the stunts a bit easier (disc brakes,ect). At the end of the day, the scene was cut so the Evo stunt Knuckle was never used. The Master was classic Paul Thomas Anderson. He makes the kind of films that get under your skin. It was an extreme pleasure to get to know Mr. Hoffman. He was a true talent and asset to the film industry. He will be missed.