From the Jason Lee Collection, 1970 BSA B50MX

Matching Numbers – Fresh restoration

From the Jason Lee Collection

1970 BSA B50MX

Frame Number: B50MX JE15728
Engine Number: B50MX JE15728

Born in Orange, California in 1970, Jason Lee is an ex-professional skateboarder, actor, film photographer, producer, and director. After a successful career during skateboarding’s very pivotal late 80s and early 90s, Lee retired from the professional circuit, but maintained solid ties to the industry, most notably through his partnership with longtime friend and fellow ex-professional skateboarder, Chris Pastras, and their now 25-year-old skate brand, Stereo Skateboards, which Lee co-manages with Pastras.

Lee would go on to pursue acting, taking some minor acting roles in 1992–1994, including the music video for the Sonic Youth single “100%”. His first major movie role was in Kevin Smith’s cult hit, Mallrats, which led to appearances in Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II, and Cop Out.

Lee graduated to leading man roles in numerous movies, including Stealing Harvard, and A Guy Thing, and supporting roles and voice-overs in many more, including Underdog and the Alvin and the Chipmunks film franchise.

In 2005, Lee was offered the lead role in My Name Is Earl, his success with the character being recognized by two Golden Globe nominations, as well as a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series.

Lee remains very active as producer and director with music videos for Beck and the band Midlake, while pursuing a keen interest in photography, family life and an age-old passion for motorcycles.

The BSA B50 was introduced in 1971 as the largest iteration of BSA’s four-stoke single that was originally introduced in 1958 as the 250cc C15 Star. The B50 MX turned out to be the last competition motorcycle announced by BSA, just as the financially strapped company’s efforts were drawing to a close. The factory’s closure was no reflection on the quality or design of any BSA, but instead of management and circumstance, as many company histories have pointed out.

As it happened, the B50 MX was a truly fine design, one that foreshadowed today’s lightweight four-stroke MXers. Its development had been driven by the great success of BSA’s works machines in international motocross, and while based on its B44 Victor predecessors, the bottom end was a complete redesign with stronger cases, built-up crankshaft, larger crankpin and beefier connecting rod. The result was that the B50 had a stout and powerful engine, honed by development and of a full 500cc. This was mounted in a completely new chassis with an oil-bearing frame, so-called ‘slimline’ forks and conical brakes. With its gleaming alloy fuel tank, beautifully tucked-in exhaust and a good riding position, the B50 MX made for an excellent motocrosser of which, sadly, relatively few were made.

As an avid motorcyclist, he spared no expense building this spectacular example of the B50. Of August 1970 Vintage, the original matching numbers machine was completely dismantled for restoration by us at Glory Motorworks. Attention was given to every aspect of the bike, including engine, gearbox and clutch overhauls, suspension and brake rebuilds as well as a full cosmetic restoration. Electronic ignition was added for performance and reliability.

The result is a fantastic riding B50; quick and with great handling – the perfect classic desert sled.

The bike is accompanied by a clean, clear title in Jason Lee’s name

This is a remarkable opportunity to acquire BSA’s last hoorah in great and competitive off-road machinery, built for the road by true artisans in the field with unparalleled ownership provenance.