1955 BSA A7SS Shooting Star

Nice older restoration

1955 BSA A7SS Shooting Star

Engine Number: CA7SS 303

BSA’s first production parallel twin, the A7 was extensively revised for 1951 along the lines of the newly introduced Bert Hopwood-designed 650cc A10 and continued fundamentally unchanged until 1954, when the introduction of a new duplex frame for the BSA twins range meant that the original bolted-up gearbox had to go. Otherwise the engine remained much as before, though the new sports 500 – the A7 Shooting Star – featured an alloy cylinder head and detachable inlet manifold. With 32bhp on tap, the sporting A7SS was good for a top speed in excess of 90mph. Production ceased with the introduction of the unit-construction A50 in 1962.

The Shooting Star offered here, hails from a BSA aficionado and collector of some significant machines. Of 1955 vintage, the bike is offered in fine riding mechanical condition, while the cosmetics have been treated to a comprehensive restoration a few years ago. Built to ride, it runs on an BTH electronic magneto, so no battery is needed for the ignition, just for the 6V lights. It also sports an anti-sump valve and a Bob Newby belt clutch, making it quite a lovely bike to ride.

The bike starts with ease, idles well and runs beautifully. It handles and stops with the composure of a gentleman’s sporting machine of the 1950s.

This is a great opportunity to acquire quite a rare machine in the U.S. in fine riding condition.