Hell Ride (2008)

Directed by Larry Bishop

Starring: Dennis Hopper, Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones


Two rival bikers gangs, the Victors and the Six-Six-Six’s, refuel their decades-old rivalry.

Filmed in 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Justin Kell was brought in as the Motorcycle Coordinator. Justin designed and built all of the 12 Picture bikes with the Glory Motorworks crew as well as consulting on wardrobe, dialogue, photography and riding training. The main character bikes were built in multiples of two each. We used late 40’s Indian Chiefs for the “Trigger” bikes ridden by Eric Balfour. Early 70’s Shovel Heads were used for Larry Bishop’s bikes with new S&S motors, which were generously supplied by S&S. We used kit choppers with new S&S motors for Michael Madsen’s “The Gent”. Michael loved this bike and kept his after the shoot. It can still be seen riding around Malibu. We used a 1938 Indian Chief for Dennis Hopper. This was also fitted with a Steib sidecar. Everything about this film was spectacular. As a coordinator, JK was given full reign to make the bikes right and fit the characters. We even saw Justin Kell and Eric Orr ride as double in the “flashback” scene. Being able to work such an iconic cast is truly one of the best memories about making this film. We celebrated Dennis Hoppers 70th birthday while on set. With limited theater showings and advertising, the film has gone on to become a cult classic, and is still on of our favorite films that we have worked on.